Participatory Development Models - The Cypriot Experience

19 Jun 2013


This report was commissioned for the Future Together project to examine current participatory approaches used in inter-communal projects in Cyprus in order to share best practices more widely in Cyprus and the region.


The overall aim of the Future Together project is to increase citizen participation in decision-making processes for the planning of shared spaces, with the ultimate vision of promoting a more inclusive reconciliation process on the island.


A shared space can be defined as a space which Cypriots from different communities used to share in the past, still share in the present, or wish to plan together for the future.


In order to analyse the application of participatory planning practices on the island, the research focused on five local community projects, which have demonstrated different approaches to public participation: the Nicosia Master Plan, the Kontea/Türkmenköy cultural heritage circle preservation project, the Armenian church and monastery within the walledcity of Nicosia, the Katokopia Project and the plant micro-reserves Project.


The analysis within the research focused on three levels: project implementing teams, stakeholders and beneficiaries.



  • A best-practice user guide for participatory approaches to planniong and using shared spaces.
  • Multiple stakeholder analysis and consultation.
  • Literature review on participatory approaches in community development.

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