Restoration of the Holy Monastery of Apostolos Andreas

What is the project about

Apostolos AndreasMonastery of Apostolos Andreas. UNDP Photo, November 2013.

The restoration of this very important religious monument intends to contribute to the on-going confidence-building process between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots communities within the context of cultural heritage preservation and protection.

The overall Restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, located in the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula, shall take place in four phases:

  • Phase A: Restoration of the Church & the adjacent buildings & Geotechnical investigations and tests.
  • Phase B: Restoration of the Chapel and the Fountain completed.
  • Phase C: Restoration of the building on the north wing.
  • Phase D: External works

Works within Phase A will involve the full structural and architectural restoration of the Church and the adjacent buildings to include the specialised restoration of the iconostasis and other immovable objects which are an inherent part of the Church. It will also include improvements and upgrade of the electrical and mechanical installations in the Church and the adjacent buildings. The works will ensure that the Church and the adjacent buildings are well restored to their originality in accordance with the technical designs and drawings. In this Phase, geotechnical investigations will be carried out in the area outside the chapel and the fountain, the results of which will be utilised for the Phase B.

Phase B will see the restoration of the Chapel and the Fountain.

Phase C will see the restoration of the building in the north of the Church.

Phase D will involve the completion of external works below the main road  & landscaping (without the infrastructure).

All these phases will be carried out in accordance with the designs of the University of Patras of Greece. The restoration project of the University of Patras has been approved and accepted by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

What have we accomplished so far


On 17 September 2013 UNDP-PFF signed two contribution agreements worth € 2.5 million EURO each, respectively with the Church of Cyprus and the Evkaf Administration for the Restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

The contribution agreements follow the signature of the project document by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage which, following its decision of 17 February 2012, has taken the responsibility of facilitating the restoration of the monastery.

UNDP-PFF has been called by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage to implement the project.  It is expected that the UNDP-PFF support to this project will contribute to enhancing the cooperation and collaboration in the field of cultural heritage and most importantly create a positive platform for cooperation. In partnership with the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, UNDP-PFF will have a co-ordinator and facilitator role and will act as the “Contracting Authority and Employer” for this project.  In addition UNDP-PFF will have the responsibility to supervise the work contracts of each phase up to and including the Substantial and Final Completion of the works of each phase.

Works currently ongoing:

-        Installation of roofs on west annex

-        Repairs of trusses of the south annex

-        Insulation and roof works of the church roof

-        Stonework, pointing and consolidation of the east annex

-        Construction of the north annex

-        Plastering of walls in church, east and west annexes

-        Works at the baptistery walls

-        Preparation for the paving for the church floor

-        Electrical piping and mechanical piping

-        Plastering of walls surfaces are ongoing

-        Repairs of wooden elements such as doors, windows and floor boards (aeratos)

In the very near future restoration of the belfry will start and installation of stainless steel beams on the south annex will be carried out. The restoration works to the Church complex shall be completed by 30 April 2016.

During the restoration period, the Church has been closed for both visits and worship. A temporary Church has been established in the vicinity of the Monastery.

(Updated: October 2015)

Who finances it?

Donor Funding
Church of Cyprus 2,500,000 EUR
EVKAF Administration 2,500,000 EUR
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) 25,000 USD

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