Support to cultural heritage monuments of great importance for Cyprus – Phase 2

What is the project about

European Commission Cultural Heritage event European Commission event to celebrate the successful partnership with UNDP-PFF and the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in Cyprus. EC Photo, November 2013.

The Overall Objective of the project is to support the reconciliation process of the island and to increase the trust between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities through the implementation of confidence building measures agreed by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH). In particular the project will aim at:

  • Promoting respect and appreciation of the rich and varied cultural heritage of Cyprus
  • Undertaking actions aiming to protect, preserve and, when possible, rehabilitate cultural monuments of this heritage for the future generations
  • Pursuing the mandate of the TCCH as an integral part of the on-going process of promoting greater understanding and improving relations between the communities in Cyprus
  • Highlighting and promoting the significance and value of the rich and plural cultural heritage of the island as a powerful potential agent for active cooperation, mutual understanding and collaboration.

The Specific Objective of the project is the preservation of Cypriot cultural heritage by supporting conservation and emergency measures for high importance cultural heritage sites agreed by the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in Cyprus. Emergency measures correspond mainly to remedial conservation measures as defined by the Committee for Conservation of the International Council of Museums:

"Conservation: all measures and actions aimed at safeguarding tangible cultural heritage while ensuring its accessibility to present and future generations. Conservation embraces preventive conservation, remedial conservation and restoration. All measures and actions should respect the significance and the physical properties of the cultural heritage item.”

"Remedial conservation: all actions directly applied to an item or a group of items aimed at arresting current damaging processes or reinforcing their structure. These actions are only carried out when the items are in such a fragile condition or deteriorating at such a rate, that they could be lost in a relatively short time. These actions sometimes modify the appearance of the items.”

What have we accomplished so far

famagusta wallsFamagusta Venetian Walls, UNDP Photo, 2012.

Within Phase 2 of the project,  the following 2 cultural heritage sites will benefit from emergency measures:

While conservation designs and/or conservation works will be carried out in the following 8 sites:

Who finances it?

European Union 2,000,000 EUR