Support to cultural heritage monuments of great importance for Cyprus - Phase 5

What is the project about


The Overall Objective of the project is to support the reconciliation process and to increase the trust between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of Cyprus through the implementation of confidence building measures agreed by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH). Confidence-building measures will be further encouraged by the important participation of bi-communal teams during the implementation of the projects.

The Specific Objective of the project is the preservation of Cypriot cultural heritage by supporting conservation and/or emergency measures for high importance cultural heritage sites agreed by the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

The list of cultural heritage sites which are the focus of this project have been selected by the TCCH based on the following criteria:

  • Need to provide emergency support and/or conservation works to the sites given the state of deterioration and the urgency of the intervention;
  • Need to ensure the  protection and safety of the visiting public;
  • Ability to promote and apply a bi-communal approach in the selection of and the protection activities for the cultural heritage sites;
  • Priority was given to the sites included in the list of 40 sites approved by the two Cypriot Leaders;
  • Diversity of the group of sites, aiming to produce early as well as on-going results;
  • Particular attention is given to the archaeological importance and condition of sites;
  • The location and surrounding environment of the selected sites was taken seriously into consideration, aiming to create and promote social awareness of the value of conservation in society;
  • Greater resource consciousness was applied in the definition of priorities and allocation of funds in order to achieve the best possible results.

The works will ensure that the selected sites are well protected, that deterioration from weather and adverse environmental effects is stopped and that the interventions carried out will be useful for any future restoration works.

With reference to the Strategy of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, the expected outcomes in the long term might contribute to:

  • Strengthen, even further, the importance of cultural heritage as a shared resource valued by both communities;
  • Strengthen the common ‘culture’ of collaboration built over the past years for the shared purpose of protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Cyprus;
  • Deepen and expand in practice the application of a bi-communal approach for the protection of cultural heritage;
  • Highlight and make more visible to key stakeholders that both communities appreciate, respect and protect all kinds of monuments in all areas of Cyprus;
  • Bring communities together using cultural heritage sites as tools for reconciliation and confidence building between the communities;
  • Promote further the diverse contributions of heritage to development and the improvement of the quality of life in settlements in several areas and spatial settings (urban, semi-urban and rural);
  • Further establish and expand the role of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage as an effective bi-communal mechanism making reality the objective of volunteer professionals working together in identifying, planning and implementing projects, an experience that strengthens not only mutual confidence and understanding but also reinforces joint initiatives and the pursuit of common goals. 

What have we accomplished so far

The following projects are currently under implementation or will be implemented soon:

Conservation works for which the designs were completed in Phase 2:

Conservation works for which the designs were completed in Phase 3:

Other possible additional conservation works projects are currently under designs within Phase 4 of the project.

Conservation project designs will be prepared for the following 11 projects:

  • The Windmill in Limnia/Mormenekse
  • The traditional house in Limnia/Mormenekse
  • St. Antony's Latina Chapel Kontea/Turkmenkoy
  • Agios Sergios and Vachos Church in Agios Sergios/Yenibogazici
  • Panagia Apsithiotissa monastery in Sichari/Kaynakkoy
  • Sourp Magar monastery in Halefka/Alevkaya
  • The Omeriye Mosque in Nicosia
  • The Turkish Cypriot school at Mari in Larnaca
  • The Turkish Cypriot school at Poli in Paphos
  • The Watermill in Mallia/Malya
  • The Aqueduct in Lefke/Lefka 

Who finances it?

Donor Funding
European Union 3.6 Million Euro

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