Improvement of hospital infrastructure and provision of new medical equipment

What was the project about

Within the framework of a wider EU funded project in the field of solid waste management, state of the art equipment for medical waste treatment has been provided to the Nicosia Hospital, in the northern part of Cyprus. UNDP-PFF has been tasked with the construction of an operational hall and the renovation of the hospital's cooling room which are necessary to house the new equipment.

Additionally, further to the damages causes by the floods that hit the northern part of Cyprus earlier in 2009, funding were allocated to support to replace and renew the hospital's ESWL urology unit (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy System) which was irremediably damaged.

What have we accomplished so far

The improvement works to the hospital’s urology unit were funded by the European Union through UNDP-PFF in response to the severe damages caused by the exceptional floods of 2010, which had irremediably damaged the hospital’s equipment.

Construction of an Operational Hall & Cooling Rooms’ Renovation

The project supported the construction of a storage facility with steel structure, and the improvement of the existing cold room. In details this phase of the project included:

- Construction of steel structure storage area
- Construction of access ways and ramps for vehicles
- Upgrading of the existing cold room
- Provision of electrical cabling and wiring
- Painting and sundry works

Provision of New Medical Equipment

As a complementary action for the improvement and modernization of the hospital’s facilities, UNDP-PFF also followed the procurement and installation of several new services and equipment for the treatment and cure of kidney stones patients. This included an urology table, C-arm, shock-wave and ultra-sound equipment, lead aprons and neck protections, as well as a new observation room, waiting room, and a kitchenette were also made available in order to provide integrated services.  Some of the equipment components such as the ultra sound machine are dismountable and can also be used by other hospital departments in case of emergency.

Besides upgrading the ESWL unit and procuring all the necessary equipment, UNDP Partnership for the Future also organised trainings for doctors, nurses and hospital technicians to ensure a correct and safe use of the new equipment, which is more efficient and requires less maintenance than the equipment destroyed in the flooding.


The state-of-the-art new urology unit brought modern, high-quality healthcare services to kidney stones patients in the northern part of Cyprus. Between April and October 2012, the new equipment has been used approx.550 times, and out 92 patients, 76 have been successfully treated thanks to the new equipment.

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