Kyrenia: urban upgrading of the main avenue

What was the project about

 New Cycling Route, UNDP Photo, 2008

Running parallel to the sea and directly connected both to the harbor and to the sea, this street is the commercial hub of the city where pedestrian and traffic flows concentrate especially during summer time.

The project complemented previous EU funded and UNDP-PFF implemented projects carried out in 2004 and 2005 to improve along the main avenue of the city water, drainage and sewerage services as well the overall appearance of the avenue. Click here to read more about these previous projects.

In 2008 the project extended to the southern side of the street.

What have we accomplished so far

 Kyrenia Pedestrianised Avenue, UNDP Photo, 2009

This second phase was a continuation of the one implemented in 2004-2005 and aimed to repeat the successful completion of phase one in the remaining axis of street (going from the point where phase 1 was concluded to the end of the main commercial avenue).

The project encompassed the following: infrastructure upgrading, civil works for the entrenchment of overhead electricity and telephone lines, creation of pavements for easy and safe pedestrian access, creation of vehicular access ways, parking spaces, installation of fire hydrants along the road, illumination, street furniture and the construction of a cycling route.

The local community also contributed to the realization of the project by covering the costs for the beautification of the area and procuring shops signs and street furniture.


The project, completed in December 2009, enhanced the cultural and social value of the street and of the city’s historical centre. New shops and commercial activities have been opening allowing this avenue to regain its original role in the social and commercial life of the city.

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