Emergency measures and upgrading of Ledra/Lokmacı

What was the project about

Ledra/Lokmaci crossing opening 2008Opening of the crossing in April 2008, UNFICYP Photo

Located at the centre Nicosia Walled City, Ledra/Lokmacı Street has always been the commercial and touristic hub of the city with its coffee shops, small boutiques and restaurants.

In April 2008 the street reopened becoming the sixth crossing point in the island. In order to encourage a return to normal civilian and pedestrians’ activities along the street, the project aimed to carry out safety works for the opening of the crossing.

Following the agreement of the two leaders in March 2008 to open this new crossing, UNDP-PFF was asked by UNFICYP and the two communities to carry out safety emergency measures on the buildings along the crossing.

UNDP-PFF served as the liaison between the Nicosia Master Plan (NMP) teams and technical departments and secured an agreement in order to create a safe pathway - Phase 1 -for pedestrians away from the buildings, which would be upgraded during the second phase of the project.

What have we accomplished so far

Ban Ki-moon Inaugurating Ledra/Lokmaci crossingUN Secretary General inaugurates phase 2 of the project on 1 February 2010, UNDP Photo.

The project aimed to upgrade the area by rehabilitating Ledra/Lokmacı Street as the vibrant centre of Nicosia and hence creating a new public space where all Cypriots can come together. Two main interventions phases were identified:

PHASE 1 – Safety interventions to guarantee safe pedestrian crossing; April 2008.

Following consultations, it was agreed by the two Nicosia Master Plan teams that safety interventions would be carried out concurrently by both teams in order to create a safe passage for pedestrians. For this purpose the team in the south ensured safe distance from the buildings by erecting scaffoldings and the team in the north reinforced the existing walls and installed a safety barrier along the road. 

PHASE 2 - Repairs and consolidation interventions of the buildings along the road of the crossing; 2010-2012

The second phase of the works was inaugurated by the UN Secretary General on 1 February 2010 and focused on the strengthening of buildings overlooking the street on both sides.
The works included the restoration of foundations and walls, the reconstruction of intermediate floors, the restoration of facades, and the replacement of rain water pipes, external doors and windows.


Besides guaranteeing safe pedestrian crossing, and ensuring proper conservation of the buildings overlooking the street, the project has also been instrumental in enabling more bi-communal events to take place, indicating achievement in the upgrade of community life with the increase of social and cultural events being organized.
The Ledra/Lokmacı crossing is today used by many Cypriots and foreigners on a daily basis (according to a survey conducted by the International Peace Research Institute (PRIO) 699,673 people crossed the Ledra/Lokmacı in 2008 only).

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