Famagusta - Upgrading of the Desdemona promenade between the Othello Tower and the Arsenal Tower

What was the project about

 Famagusta Desdemona Promenade, UNDP PhotoDesdemona Promenade, UNDP Photo

Although the historic city of Famagusta has existed since antiquity, many of its architectural treasures had been damaged or had suffered from neglect over recent years. UNDP-PFF has been working in Famagusta since 2004.

Previous Projects
Between 2004 and 2006 the EU funded through UNDP-PFF six upgrading and infrastructure projects.
The projects aimed not only to improve the living conditions of Famagusta’s citizens by providing sustainable access to water and modernizing the waste collection system, but also to make the Walled City more livable to its citizens and visitors by rehabilitating traditional public spaces and preserving the original urban pattern of the city. Click here to read more about these projects.

The new Phase

Within the framework of other interventions for the revitalization of the Walled City of Famagusta, in 2008 UNDP-PFF gave inputs to a new EU-funded project for the upgrading of the Desdemona promenade between the Othello and Arsenal Tower.

What have we accomplished so far

 Pedestrianised area between Sea Gate and Othello Tower, UNDP Photo

The upgrading and rehabilitation project extended from the Othello Tower to the Arsenal Tower. Commenced in 2008, it was successfully concluded on December 2009 and encompassed the following activities:

- Upgrading of the pedestrian pavements;
- Pedestrianization of the road between the Seagate and Othello with original stones;
- Illumination of the roads, pavements and walls;
- Placing of street furniture;
- Entrenchment of electricity and telecommunication cables.


The city was enhanced as a living and liveable cultural heritage; Public awareness on the issue of urban preservation and upgrading of Cyprus’ cultural heritage was promoted. An inspection of the project area in November 2012 showed that it is still in good condition, properly maintained and cleaned. Expression of interest for private investment in the project areas have also been reported.

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