UNDP-ACT programme closed in March 2016.



 ACT supports a strong vibrant network advocating for reconciliation in Cyprus. (Photo: UNDP-ACT)

UNDP’s role in helping to address Cyprus’ conflict is unique in the organisation’s global experience. The Action for Cooperation Trust Programme (ACT) started in 2005 and succeeded the Bi-Communal Development Programme (BDP) which supported peace building efforts from 1998. Different phases of the ACT programme targeted the capacity of civil society to feed into the process of inter-communal reconciliation, and this UNDP support has responded to the growth of civic engagement priorities on the island. In the period 2005-2008 ACT created new spaces for citizen peace building in Cyprus, and was characterised by many small projects aimed at showing that inter-communal cooperation was possible. Starting in 2009 UNDP-ACT supported projects focussed on helping to prepare civil society to engage in the peace process and set the foundations for a durable process of reconciliation.

Our Goals

In 2013 UNDP launched the Crossroads for Civic Engagement project (ACT-CCE), which seeks to help a Cypriot inter-communal civil society sector emerge as a recognized partner to the Cyprus peace talks and the work of civil society organizations in the wider European Neighbourhood region. It builds on the lessons of the past 15 years of reconciliation projects to create new innovative mechanisms for civic engagement where Cypriot thought leaders and civil society leaders can pool their collective experiences to support transition in Cyprus and exchange that knowledge with peers in neighbouring countries. ACT-CCE now responds to the demand by influential groups in society to support a more inclusive peace process and the evolution of inter-regional CSO partnerships. Central to this vision is the creation of the Mahallae digital platform for civic engagement (Mahallae means Neighbourhood in Arabic, Greek, Turkish and several other languages) which offers an interactive space for peace and development practitioners from Cyprus, the Arab region and Europe. Mahallae is a place where ideas can be exchanged, partnerships built and inter-regional dialogues supported on social cohesion and reconciliation. Read More

Our Stories

Eide sends strong message to civic and political representatives: ‘Multi-stakeholder dialogue is the name of the game’

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A new era in citizen journalism at the only inter-communal internet broadcasting facility in divided Cyprus. (Photo: CCMC)
A buzz in the Buffer Zone

Citizen journalism and internet broadcasting are bringing local communities in Cyprus into a new era with the launch of The Studio in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone bymore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Innovation for Peace and Development

    Based on 15 years of experience UNDP-ACT has devised an innovation portfolio to promote new ways of supporting peace and reconciliation in CyprusMore 

  • Peace it Together

    The Peace it Together project intended to capture and codify the wealth of knowledge generated over 12 years of peace building and reconciliation practices. These invaluable experiences could then be easily exported to other post-conflict settings within the Euro-Mediterranean region as best-practices. More 

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