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  • Renovated Market revitalises the old city of Nicosia and brings community together
  • Cyprus: Bringing Down Barriers to Peace

    Cyprus has been divided since 1974. A line stretching across the island, from West to East, separates the Turkish Cypriot community in the north, from the Greek Cypriot community in the south. Likewise, the road between the villages of Limnitis/Yeşilırmak in the north and Kato Pyrgos in the south had been closed – until UNDP helped to reconnect it in 2010. Making a tangible difference for many people, the initiative has supported the peace process.

  • Turkish Cypriots go organic!

    As demand for organic products rises all over Europe and consumers are increasingly conscientious about the origins of their food, the northern part of Cyprus has slowly embarked on its own organic revolution.

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