A new Cultural life for the Bandabuliya of Famagusta!

Jun 1, 2013

The renovated Bandabuliya of Famagusta

Cultural Activities are continuing at the Famagusta's Bandabuliya!

These activities are funded by the European Union and supported by UNDP-PFF under the Call for Proposals for Innovative Cultural Activities in the northern part of Cyprus.

The Call for events at the Bandabuliya of Famagusta aims at establishing recurring events that promote local products and enhance the visibility of the neighborhood through arts and culture.

Since 2001, the EU-financed UNDP-Partnership for the Future Programme has been working in Cyprus to support the economic and social development of the Turkish Cypriot Community through community development, rehabilitation and infrastructure projects in the walled cities of Nicosia and Famagusta as well as in 10 villages and small towns in the northern part of Cyprus. The aim was to improve the quality of life of the residents, make the cities more attractive for both residents and visitors, while preserving the important cultural and urban heritage of the island. All projects will be completed in September 2013.

To complement these projects, in December 2012, UNDP-PFF launched a Call for Proposals for Innovative Cultural Activities to be organized in locations where urban upgrading projects had previously been implemented. The Call was open to not-for-profit organizations based and registered in Cyprus.

The general objective of the Call was to support the residents and local communities of the renovated areas in hosting and promoting innovative cultural programmes that are linked to Cypriot cultural traditions but at the same time propose innovative approaches that promote social inclusion and community participation.

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