Women’s empowerment in Famagusta brings new life to the city’s Old Market (Bandabuliya)

Jul 31, 2013

31 July 2013 - Project Completion Ceremony "When Traditions Meet Innovation"

More than 250 people from Famagusta and surrounding regions celebrated yesterday 31st July 2013 the completion of the EU funded and Management Centre implemented "When Traditions meet Innovation Project.

A project from the women to the women for their community” as Tiziana Zennaro, UNDP-PFF Programme Manager referred to it in her speech during the project completion ceremony.

From May to July 2013 more than 138 women of different age, different background, but with a common interest in traditional Cypriot handicrafts and food production participated in free of charge workshops and laboratories led by older women for younger women. The trainings were complemented by a series of marketing strategy workshops that focused on Strategic and Innovative marketing skills.  

Besides empowering women, the project, which took place in the Bandabuliya of Famagusta,  also allowed for the opening of four new shops and the revitalization of the Old Market. The shops will be voluntarily managed by the women who took part in the workshops and will be used to display and sell their handmade products at fair prices.

In 2006 thanks to EU funds, UNDP-PFF had completed the renovation of the Bandabuliya within the framework of the several projects implemented to revitalize the Old Town of Famagusta. Since then, however, the market had struggled to regain its role of social and community centre.The inauguration of these new four shops marks a new beginning for the Bandabuliya which in the local authorities’ plans will serve as a new “Women’s Centre” and creative space for the production of locally made products.

 “When Traditions Meet Innovation” is one of seventeen projects funded by the European Union and supported by UNDP Partnership for the Future under the Call for Proposals for Innovative Cultural Activities in the northern part of Cyprus.

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