Roelf Meyer visits Cyprus

Jun 30, 2014

Former South African peace negotiator, Roelf Meyer, will meet the Leaders and their negotiating teams this week. Meyer is the Director of the independent NGO, In Transformation Initiative, and is currently in Cyprus to share his personal peacemaking experiences. His work, and that of the In Transformation Initiative, is premised on the philosophy that any solution to differences must be developed and settled by those involved; it cannot be prescribed by external actors, but can benefit from the experiences of others.
Before retiring from active politics in South Africa in 2000, he served as Deputy Minister of Law and Order, Deputy Minister of Constitutional Development, Minister of Defense and Minister of Constitutional Affairs.  As chief negotiator for the National Party government, Meyer was intimately involved in the negotiations on the settlement of the South African conflict.  As a result of his negotiations with Cyril Ramaphosa, the chief negotiator for the African National Congress, apartheid was dismantled and the first democratic elections in South Africa took place in April 1994.  After the elections, Meyer continued in the cabinet of former President Nelson Mandela.
Roelf Meyer’s visit is supported by the UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust programme, which is funded by USAID.