Innovation and Hope Comes to Famagusta

Sep 23, 2015

Innovation and Hope Comes to Famagusta

UNDP-ACT is supporting the people of the Famagusta region; a part of Cyprus where Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities have not normally been on the radar of peacebuilding programmes. In 2015 two of our projects collaborated to bring new opportunities to Deryneia and the walled city of Famagusta.

UNDP-ACT’s innovation team - Mahallae - worked with the Renewal project to develop joint solutions to common problems faced by Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots on either side of the Green Line in the Famagusta region. Of most concern are the problems faced by young people, such as unemployment.

The Mahallae and Renewal teams helped people to explore options for change, drawing on the untapped enthusiasm and drive of the youth.

The centre-piece of the project was the launch of the “Famagusta Challenges” which was hosted on the Mahallae web platform and supported locally by the Renewal project team.

This led to the development and implementation of four innovation projects which were supported by UNDP-ACT.

Find out more about in the projects in the links below, and follow their progress on the Renewal blog

A social sharing economy platform linking hosts and guests in Famagusta.

A digital tool for ordering fresh organic produce and byproducts from local farmers. 



A free prototype app for promoting alternative transportation in Cyprus: people with cars coordinate travel with people who need a ride.

An app that brings professional agricultural knowledge to everyday user.