“A Taste of Famagusta”

Short Videos Produced on Food and Identity in the greater Famagusta area

Oct 20, 2015

The UNDP-ACT, Renewal project, presents “The Taste of Famagusta”, a story about Famagusta and Deryneia’s culinary journey told through local recipes, food habits and tastes of the area. Four short video clips will feature the food adventures of four characters from the local Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities: two young Cypriots, and two ‘Elders’.


The protagonists will be involved in a “cooking challenge” where the “Elders” will present two dishes to the young contestants, who will have to identify the dishes, find the recipes and eventually prepare the dishes themselves. The experience will be one of discovery, where Cypriots from different generations and the two communities in Deryneia and Famagusta, will use diverse cultural connections to establish personal and inter-communal relationships.

Meet the four characters participating in the clips. We start with Mrs. Georgoulla Shopaha, an inhabitant of Frenaros village, a retired housewife and farmer, a devoted mother and grandmother. The second “Elder” participant is Mr. Hüseyin Herbsoy, who lives in Famagusta, a retired but ever active chef, who studied at the Cyprus Hotel Institute in the 1960s. Ms. Nurtane Karagil is an inhabitant of the walled city of Famagusta, an artist with a connection to her roots, as she returns from her studies and lives in a building belonging to her family for 3 generations. Finally, we are joined by Polyvios Christofi, a medical doctor and lover of folklore music, a true world citizen living in Deryneia.

The project has been in preparation since May 2015 with the collaboration of Crewhouse Media (David Hands, producer – Sasha Ljubojevic, director), and will be completed, with the release of the clips in November 2015. The four short video clips will be broadcast weekly during November through social media and can be accessed on the blog of the Renewal project and on the Renewal YouTube Channel.

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