FA/DE - Famagusta/Deryneia mural art project

Oct 23, 2015

October 19-31 | Deryneia / Famagusta | Walls & Renewal

Final event: October 31 – Famagusta walled city

FA/DE – Famagusta/Deryneia mural art project is an artistic project conceived by WALLS, a Rome-based cultural organization, and Renewal, the UNDP-ACT project working for the development of the greater Famagusta region, in Cyprus.

After reviving the public spaces in Roman neighbourhoods and working on contemporary public art projects for years, the creative team of Walls was invited to Cyprus and the greater Famagusta region by Renewal. The Renewal project focuses on developing the economic and social potential of the greater Famagusta region (including Famagusta Walled City and Deryneia), striving to support the improvement of the climate for reconciliation in the island.

This encounter led to the organization of a mural art project in the greater Famagusta region that involves two communities, Famagusta and Deryneia, two symbolic cities, only a few kilometres apart, whose people have been divided for decades.

Walls and Renewal publically invited Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriots artists from both communities to contribute to the project and finally selected Nurtane Karagil, Opsis Synopsis, twenty three and Umay Yilmaz Kutay. The four artists will form the team that will explore and intervene in the urban texture of the region. By attending a residence programme that will include a variety of activities and encounters, the artists will become familiar with the local culture and will transform two walls, one in Famagusta and one in Deryneia, into permanent large-scale artworks.

The residency & the implementation of the project

From 19 to 24 October 2015, the artists will share the living and working space during a residency. This will contribute to a multifaceted experience consisting of brainstorming sessions and discussions, talks by academics, curators and artists, visits to historical places and art venues.

During the second week, from 26 to 31 October 2015, the artists will implement the artworks: each mural will be created through the combined work of the artists working in pairs, inter-communally. This will constitute a real performance of Public Urban Art aimed at creating an overall engagement of the community: children from elementary and secondary schools from Deryneia and Famagusta will be invited to actively interact with the artworks while they are being created.

The final event

The new artworks will be presented to the public on October 31 in a final event in Famagusta, in the space in front of one of the artworks. A local DJ will liven the event with music and local food and handicrafts will be available.

The walls

Famagusta: A wall overlooking the car park in the South side of the St. Nicholas’ Cathedral (between the Cathedral and St. George of the Greeks) in the walled city of Famagusta.

Deryneia: The wall of a former garage on Famagusta Avenue, immediately before the proposed crossing point on the road that connected Deryneia and Famagusta.

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