Kormakitis’ Old St. George Church: 1st Maronite Heritage Site restored by TCCH

Nov 14, 2015

Old St. George Church, completion ceremony, 14 November 2015. UNDP Photo/Olkan Erguler

Kormakitis/Korucam 14 November 2015 – Hundreds of Maronites and religious leaders from different faiths celebrated on Saturday 14th November 2015 the completion of conservation works to the Old St. George Church in Kormakitis/Korucam, in the northern part of Cyprus.

Constructed in the XVI century, the church is an important Maronite heritage building and testimony to the history of of the village. It was the main church of the Maronite community until the early 20th century when it ceded with the building of the new Saint George cathedral.

The Old St. George Church is the first Maronite heritage site to be preserved under the auspices of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

Conservation designs were undertaken in 2014 by the Maronite Church Committee through a tri-communal team of architects, engineers and quantity surveyor and was implemented thanks to European Union funds by the UNDP under the auspices of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

Emphasis was placed on ensuring the structural stability of the Church (foundations, walls, floor and vaulted roof) and addressing humidity and water drainage problems. Another major aim of the project was the reconstruction of the bell tower and installation of a new bell as well as the restoration of wooden doors which are of exceptional historical and archaeological value.

Completed in about one year, the official ceremony to reopen the Church took place on 14th November 2015 at the presence of His Excellency the Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus Youssef Soueif,the Grand Mufti of Cyprus, as well as of other religious representatives, members of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and its Advisory Board, European Union and UNDP officials.

More than simply restoring the building’s original ambience, the project has ensured that the church will receive ongoing maintenance and continue to serve the community.

The Church was consecrated on 15th December 2015 by His Excellency the Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus Youssef Soueif and returned to the residents of the village.


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