Investing in Famagusta’s heritage – Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage 2nd Open Meeting in Famagusta.

Jul 28, 2017

One year after the first open meeting, the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage returned to Famagusta last night, 27 July 2017, to meet with civil society networks, heritage lovers and experts and engage with them in a constructive dialogue on their ongoing and future projects in Famagusta.

Members of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, its Advisory Board and UNDP presented their work, approaches and expectations in the historical background of the Martinengo Bastion, one of their currently ongoing biggest projects.  

"Since 2012, approx. 3 Million EURO of EUROPEAN UNION funding is being invested in Famagusta’s cultural heritage through UNDP Cyprus in support of projects identified by the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage” – explained Tiziana Zennaro, Senior Programme Manager of the United Nations Development Programme in Cyprus. Ms. Zennaro updated participants on the current status of the partnership between the European Union, UNDP and Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage focusing on the ongoing and future projects.

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage’s support to Famagusta started in 2014 with the conservation of the Othello Tower/Citadel and continues today with conservation works to the Martinengo Bastion, Ravelin/Land Gate, and the city-side portion of the Walls between Arsenal and Sea Gate

These are three of seven new projects that, thanks to European Union funding and UNDP support, the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage is currently carrying out in Famagusta Walled City.

The other ongoing projects are conservation works to: St. Mary Church of Armenians, St Mary Church of Carmel (Carmelite). Conservation works will also start soon at St. Anne Church, and the Mescit of Tabakhane/Tanner’s Mosque (Jacobite Church). 

New designs projects for Canbulat and Seagate were also announced.

Ali Tuncay, Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Representative, mentioned that “A lot of effort has been exerted to the monuments in Famagusta and a lot has been achieved. Now a new and bigger challenge is ahead of us which is the sustainable maintenance of the monuments. Historic towns like Famagusta always need a special mechanism for the management of the monuments and as the Technical Committee of Cultural Heritage we are ready to contribute to the development of such a plan."

Working together on Famagusta gives the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage the opportunity to develop a joint vision for the walled city. 

This joint vision was the focus of the presentation by Glafkos Constantinides and Naciye Doratli. Introducing the results of a study conducted by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage on the future maintenance and sustainability of the monuments of Famagusta, the two members of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage highlighted the joint responsibility these new investments are bringing on the shoulders of authorities and communities. 

We want to move from achievements to success” they said, proposing the development of a joint management plan for the monuments of Famagusta.

Last, Ege Uluca Tumer spoke on behalf of the Advisory Board of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage providing insights on the technicalities of the bi-communal work behind these projects.

Participants to the event engaged in a fruitful discussion with the panel members and provided ideas and suggestion for the upcoming opening event of the Martinengo Bastion which is scheduled for September 2017.


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