Restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery: UNDP signs Project Document and Contribution Agreements

Sep 17, 2013

Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, UNDP Photo, 2013.

Nicosia, 17 September 2013 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed today two contribution agreements worth € 2.5 million EURO each, respectively with the Church of Cyprus and the Evkaf Administration for the Restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

The contribution agreements follow the signature of the project document by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage which, following its decision of 17 February 2012, has taken the responsibility of facilitating the restoration of the monastery. UNDP has been called to implement the project.

The project is funded by the Church of Cyprus and the Evkaf Administration with a contribution of 25,000 USD from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The signing of these documents for the preservation of the holy monastery of Apostolos Andreas sends a double message. Firstly, it denotes appreciation to a monument with religious and symbolic value and secondly, it is proof of what can be achieved through collective and bi-communal cooperation at the level of the Technical Committee for the preservation of the common cultural heritage of Cyprus. For the success of the whole project the great contribution of the UNDP-PFF which worked with perseverance and devotion should be noted. For this we express our sincere gratitude. We consider it our obligation to pay tribute to the Church of Cyprus for its financial contribution for the project, as well as to all other financial donors” - Takis Hadjidemetriou, Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

We regard all cultural heritage monuments, regardless of its origin, as part of the common heritage of humanity. The Apostolos Andreas Monastery is one of these monuments. The support we have given to the establishment and work of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage is a clear indication of our dedication to the protection of the rich and varied cultural heritage of the island. The Turkish Cypriot Evkaf Administration is making a substantial financial contribution to the restoration of the Monastery. We also thank UNDP-PFF for their invaluable support and the other donors for their contributions. We hope that the work of the Technical Committee would help us establish a culture of peace, tolerance and cooperation.” – Ali Tuncay, Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

We understand the complexity of preserving and protecting the cultural heritage sites in Cyprus and for this reason we wish to congratulate the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage for their joint vision for the future of Cyprus’ cultural heritage and for their initiative to support this important project. We are grateful to all involved parties for the efforts made, in particular the Church of Cyprus and the Evkaf Administration for their financial contribution without which we would not have been here today. We will continue working together for the successful implementation of this project”- Tiziana Zennaro, on behalf of UNDP.

The overall Restoration of the Monastery will take place in phases:
- Phase A: Restoration of the Church & the adjacent buildings & Geotechnical investigations.
- Phase B: Restoration of the Chapel and the Fountain.
- Phase C: Restoration of the building on the north wing.
- Phase D: External works

All these phases will be carried out in accordance with the designs of the University of Patras of Greece. The restoration project has been approved and accepted by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage. UNDP and the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage have been working with the technical team of the Patras University to finalise the tender dossier documents for the Phase A of the restoration.

It is envisaged that the revision of the technical documents will be completed in the coming weeks.

UNDP remains committed to continue supporting the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in the preservation and restoration of this as well as other important cultural heritage sites island-wide.

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