New Digital Platform, invites public to solve Community challenges

Mar 18, 2014

mahallae Invitation

Mahallae, a new digital platform for civic engagement, will be launched at the Home for Cooperation on Thursday 20 March, at 18:30.

Mahallae will launch a series of Challenges, inviting the public to come up with technology enabled solutions to address some of the most pressing issues facing Cyprus. Mahallae also creates opportunities for Cypriots to work with innovators and problem solvers in the wider Euro Mediterranean region. Speaking on behalf of the Mahallae team, Mehmet Erdoğan explained, “The Mahallae Challenges are based on the premise that new technologies can help us all to address major community challenges in fast, innovative and transparent ways.” The winning ideas will receive start up funding to be put into practice.

Christopher Louise, Programme Manager for UNDP-ACT, stated: "We are very excited by the collaboration opportunities which  Mahallae will create.  Cyprus offers countries in this region a wealth of transferable knowledge and experience in how to address social good practices. The Mahallae platform provides a unique open forum to share and collaborate, connecting Cyprus to the wider international debate on peaceful change.  What is Mahallae?
Mahallae is a digital neighborhood to exchange knowledge and experience in civic engagement, reconciliation and to contribute to the creation of a more peaceful society. The platform is structured around three digital spaces: a) Civic Mapping which showcases Cypriot civil society's contribution to the peace building and reconciliation movement from the early 90's; b) the Interactive Tools section which features a series of innovative tools such as games, maps and video toolkits and c) the Collaborate Space which invites the public to address community challenges in technology enabled ways.

Mahallae has been developed through a partnership between by UNDP-ACT and its partners with the support of USAID.


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