Mahallae Challenge Winners Share their Tech Tools

Jan 26, 2015

Digital innovation platform Mahallae is holding a testing event on Jan 28, Wednesday at the Home 4 Cooperation.

The 5 Mahallae Challenge Winners were announced at the end of June 2014. The teams have since received funding and continued support from the Mahallae team to develop tech tools responding to issues faced by the local communities. They have provided updates on their progress using the Mahallae platform, as well as social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

As part of the Mahallae's commitment to hosting a transparent and open process, the teams will be presenting their early prototypes at a bicommunal event, where the public is free to come, test and provide feedback. Mahallae team's Mehmet explains, "By holding an open process, we wish to reinforce the accountability of the teams to the public. After all, the tech tools they are developing are serving to address the challenges of our community." The feedback received from the public will be used to improve the interface and functionality of the tech tools.

The event will start at 16:00 on Wednesday and is free of charge.