Support will be provided to youth entrepreneurs in the Famagusta Region

Jan 8, 2015

The Renewal and Mahallae projects have launched a new Challenge targeting the Famagusta region. The Challenge will support innovative ideas which bring together technology and creativity to promote economic and social development in the Famagusta region.

According to Renewal team member Mertkan Hamit, the youth unemployment and brain drain are major social problems facing the Famagusta region. The “Challenges” are being organized to contribute creative solutions to issues being faced by the local communities.

Mehmet Erdoğan of the Mahallae team added that the youth will be able to explore new opportunities through collaborating with other youth in the broader Famagusta region as part of the Challenges process.

Project Analyst Maria Zeniou added: “The Challenges provide a great opportunity for youth mobilisation in the region as they provide the initial funding for fresh ideas that can have economic and social impact in Famagusta.”

 The team emphasized that young and willing entrepreneurs can put forth ideas to revive the economic structure in the region and break the cycle.

Mahallae and Renewal projects invited youth to create economic opportunities for the Famagusta region through tools, products and services that use technology. The Challenges geared towards the Famagusta region will provide technical support and funding to successful projects, helping turn innovative ideas into reality.

The Renewal project has been working in the Famagusta region in the areas of Youth Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Civil Society Strenthening.

The Mahallae team has been running Community Challenges in areas such as Youth Entrepreneurship, Empowerment of Women and Building Relationships Across the Divide and facilitating the solution of issues facing local communities through products, tools or services that use technology.

The Renewal and Mahallae teams have now joined forces to support the Famagusta region. Stressing that youth can be the leaders of change in a society, the Renewal and Mahallae teams expressed their belief that innovative approaches can have a positive influence society and the economy positively.

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Both Mahallae and Renewal projects are supported by UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust (UNDP ACT).

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