How does UNDP do business

As a public organization entrusted with donor funds and committed to supporting developing economies, UNDP procurement unit in Cyprus abides by the following principles:

Best Value for Money, which consists of the selection of the offer that best meets the end-users’ needs and that presents the best return on investment. Best Value for Money is the result of several factors, including quality, experience, the vendor’s reputation, life-cycle costs and benefits, and parameters that measure how well the good or service allows the organization to meet its social, environmental or other strategic objectives.

Fairness, Integrity and Transparency, which ensures that competitive processes are fair, open, and rules-based. All potential vendors should be treated equally, and the process should feature clear evaluation criteria, unambiguous solicitation instructions, realistic requirements, and rules and procedures that are easy to understand.

Effective International Competition, understood as giving all potential vendors timely and adequate information on UNDP requirements, as well as equal opportunity to participate in procurement actions, and restricting them only when it is absolutely necessary to achieve UNDP development goals.

In the best interest of UNDP, which means that any business transactions must conform to the mandates and principles of UNDP and the United Nations.

We are aware that some travel agents received a request for issuing travel tickets (from different sources using the name of UNDP).  UNDP does not ask for tickets to be issued without prior notice. If you think you have been the victim of a scam, please contact


Procurement notices

List of contract awards

Project title
Currency Year
CH V - Sourp Magar Monastery Rehabilitation Plan and Conservation Designs 78,029 EUR 2018
CMP X - Excavation and Backfill services for the Committee on Missing persons in Cyprus (CMP) sites in the northern part of Cyprus for 3 years 880,915 EUR 2018
CR - Improvement & Upgrade of the Road Section in LEFKA/LEFKE in the UN Buffer Zone 214,309.80 EUR 2018
CR - Improvement & Upgrade of the Road Section in DERYNEIA/DERINYA in the UN Buffer Zone 112,455 EUR 2018
CH VI - Community Engagement Consultant 18,456 EUR 2018
CH - Site Supervisor 20,000 EUR 2018
CH V - Project Designs for the Conservation Intervention of the Traditional House and the Windmilll 40,500 EUR 2018
CH V - Project Designs for the Conservation Intervention of the Agios Sergios, Vackhos Church and the St. Anthony Latin Chapel 49,641 EUR 2018
CH III - Fencing Works at Agia Triada Basilica 68,600 EUR 2017
CH III - Martinengo Bastion Courtyard Improvement Works 107,440 EUR 2017
CH III - Conservation Works at Agios Philon (Ayfilon) 119,350 EUR 2017
CH V - Conservation Works at Tanners Mosque 258,514 EUR 2017
CH V - Conservation Works at St Anne Church 249,713 EUR 2017
CH IV - Conservation Works at the three Churches in Famagusta; Lot-1: St. Mary of the Armenians and Lot-2: St. Mary of Carmel (Carmelite) 471,265 EUR 2017
CH-  IV Project designs for the Conservation Interventions of three sites located in the nortern part of Cyprus 48,200  EUR 2017
CH-  IV Project Designs for the Conservation Intervention of the Canbulat (Arsenal) Bastion in Famagusta 50,000  EUR 2017
CH V- Conservation Works at the mosque in Agios Nicolaos/Aynikola   153,686 EUR 2017
CH V - Conservation Works at the Ravelin (Land Gate) of the Famagusta Walls 564,238  EUR 2017
CH IV - Conservation Works of the Archangelos Michael Church  388,496 EUR 2016
CR - Works for the improvement & upgrade of the road section – Lefka/Lefke – Apliki/Aplic 600,718 EUR 2016
CR - Works for the improvement & upgrade of the road section - Derineia/Derinya  938,348 EUR 2016
CH I - Conservation Works at Famagusta Sites  1,123,400 EUR 2016
CH-  IV Project Assistant 26,500  EUR 2016
CH-  IV Conservation works at the the Holy Cross Church of Karpasa 48,295  EUR 2016
CH IV - Conservation of the Agia Marina church 136,489  EUR 2016
CMP - Excavation and Backfill Services up to 3 years 1,080,000 EUR 2015
CH II - Conservation works at the Agios Panteleimonas Monastery 727,577 EUR 2015
CH II- Conservation works of the Watermill/Aqueduct at Chrysochou/Hirsofu, Paphos 95,288 EUR 2015
CH I - Enhancement Works at Profitis Elias Church at Philia/Serhatkoy 98,125 EUR 2015
CMP - LTA for Forensic Genetic Laboratory services for the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus up to 3 years
CH II - Restoration of The Old Saint George Church in Kormakitis/Kormacit
171,365.30 EUR 2014
AAM - Restoration of the Holy Monastery of Apostolos Andreas - Phase A: Restoration of the Main Church Complex 
2,119,928.50 EUR 2014
CH I - Othello Tower/Citadel Structural Consolidation Project in Famagusta 860,595 EUR 2014
CH I - Emergency measures - cultural heritage sites (package-2) 259,145 EUR 2013
CH I - Emergency measures - cultural heritage sites (package-1) 252,942 EUR 2013
CMP - LTA for Excavation and Backfill services for 2 years 865,000 USD 2013
CMP - IC contract of International Identification Coordinator 213,600 USD 2012
CMP - LTA for Forensic Genetic Laboratory Services for the CMP for 2 years 1,134,120 USD 2012
INF - Upgrading Projects in Louroukina/Lurucina/Akincilar
175,000 USD 2012
INF - A Greener Area for the Community in Kythrea/Kytreia/Degirmenlik 105,580.00 EUR 2012
INF II - Traffic Black Spots 138,967.50 EUR 2012

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