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UNDP in Cyprus

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UNDP operates in Cyprus through a Project Management Office (PMO) largely funded by the European Union, in support of the ongoing peace and confidence building process. Through cultural heritage conservation projects, community engagement initiatives, support to the Committee on Missing Persons, and large infrastructure and urban upgrading projects, UNDP implements initiatives that encourage dialogue and cooperation between the communities of Cyprus.

What we do

UNDP and the EU have been working together since 2001 through the UNDP with the DG Enlargement first, and as of 2006 with the Task Force for the Turkish Cypriot Community. UNDP has been instrumental in supporting and facilitating the implementation of objectives of the Task Force for the Turkish Cypriot Community for bi-communal and co-funded initiatives.UNDP’s main partners in Cyprus are: the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus, the Technical Committee on Crossings, the Office of the Special Advisor to the Secretary-General (OSASG) and the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNFICYP). UNDP provides expertise and technical support to ensure a smooth implementation of its partners' priorities.


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