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Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage continue with safeguarding efforts during lockdown

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH), with funding mainly from the EU and technical support from UNDP, has continued to work diligently throughout the lockdown to safeguard the island’s…  

Celebrating shared heritage: restoring monuments and relationships

“Cultural Heritage in Tanners’ Mosque has become an example of how a monument can become a symbol of peace and coexistence.”  

Crucial medical equipment procured, medical specialists mobilised in COVID-19 response through EU and UNDP partnership

EU and UNDP support against the spread of COVID-19 continues with purchase of urgent equipment, mobilization of medical specialists and technical assistance for crisis response.  

Highest level of political commitment needed to fight COVID-19

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has shocked the world with the agility and speed of its spread.  

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