ENGAGE - Do your Part for Peace

Project Summary


The ‘Engage-Do Your Part for Peace’ project supports civil society’s participation in peacebuilding initiatives and works in partnership with a variety of stakeholders across the island to provide a platform for dialogue and increased citizen involvement in reconciliation efforts.  Through the implementation of a series of events and activities, the Engage project opens up new opportunities for active involvement in reconciliation and peacebuilding and promotes a culture of active civic participation. Cypriot civil society has been involved in peacebuilding efforts over several years, and the potential of civil society organisations (CSOs) to contribute to the peace process is undeniable. By building the capacity of civil society, the Engage project expands the space for a more inclusive reconciliation process by building relationships and supporting dialogue and participation in joint initiatives for the greater good of all Cypriots.

The project’s outcome calls for an active civil society that has to inform and encourage the public to step up and become involved.  According to the CIVICUS 2011 research study on the state of Civil Society in Cyprus, the attitudes of civil society and external stakeholders on bi-communal activities and the reconciliation process deviate significantly from that of the society at large.

This phase of the project will base its implementation effectiveness on reaching out and engaging more people into reconciliation and key actors working together to implement policy enactment on social issues around reconciliation .  More specifically:

Output 1: Outreaching and engaging more people in reconciliation refers to diverse sections of the wider public including youth, students, civil servants, private sector employees, civil society activists etc.

Output 2: Networking with key actors focuses on influential people from the technical committees and key representatives of the two leaders, the local authorities, the business and international communities in Cyprus, academia and civil society.

The project is implemented by The Management Centre and The NGO Support Centre.


  • Four Active Dialogue Networks engaging multi-sector stakeholders in the following areas: Gender and Diversity; Peace and Reconciliation; Sustainable Development; and Civil Society
  • More than 5000 people reached through the Engage on the Move outreach events in locations across Cyprus
  • Partnerships extablished with local authoroties for civil society led initiatives


Donors Amount Period
USAID 1,150,150 EUROS 2009-2011
USAID 450,000 EUROS 2012-2013


Delivery 2011 1,059,306 EUROS
Delivery 2013 346,135 EUROS

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