Future Together

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The Future Together Project promotes citizen and community participation in the decision-making processes that affect their lives, and in doing so, helps to create the conditions for a more inclusive reconciliation process.

In a first stage, Future Together extracted lessons from already established participatory development models, such as the Kontea project, followed by a dialogue on similar models inside and outside of Cyprus, leading to the development and delivery of a Best Practices Guide and Training Manual for practitioners on the island and in the region.

It was found that local communities’ support for various strategies, plans or projects very much depends on their sense of ownership, which in turn is built through a more inclusive, participatory approach. Participatory approaches have become the norm in the EU and in many other countries.

In Cyprus, such approaches have been attempted to varying degrees of success. However, these efforts have often remained ad hoc and isolated, and there is a need to share the lessons learned from such projects more widely. Future Together did so by organizing training for practitioners, but it was also felt that it is important to demonstrate these practices on the ground. This is being undertaken in Potamia, one of the last mixed villages on the island, where Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot residents, as well as former residents, were engaged through community consultations to manage a common project: the creation of a Library/Museum, which will capture the rich traditions and history of its inhabitants.




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Delivery 2013 487,508 EUROS

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