Project Summary


The MultiCommMedia project implemented by the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) works to build the capacity of civil society organisations in communicating their work through the use of traditional and online media tools. Citizen journalism, social networking and blogging along with increased media skills in areas such as podcasts and short audio-visual productions created by civil society can generate more inclusive, more representative and better informed public dialogue.

CCMC is supporting community media in Cyprus in an effort to diversify the media landscape by empowering a media-literate and active society. This is important in divided societies like Cyprus where the need for increased understanding and cooperation is crucial for peacebuilding and reconciliation.  Another important aspect of the project is the support to media collaboration which encourages journalists and media entities from both communities to come together and create joint media products.

A great deal has been achieved by CCMC since it opened its doors in December 2009. It has expanded its membership base of civil society organisations, built relationships with the mass media, and empowered civil society activists with media tools. Its impact has been considerable at the civil society level, with large numbers of attendees at its training programmes resulting in increased capacity of local CSOs in media and communications, active use of its community spaces and a broadening network of partners.



  • 50 CSOs trained in media-related skills
  • 400 CSO activists trained
  • 180 media productions completed
  • 450,000 hits to the CCMC website
  • 1,400 followers on its social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Opening of "The Studio" - a multimedia facility for productions and internet broadcasting


Donors Amount Period
USAID 761,700 EUROS 2009 - 2011
2012 - 2013


Delivery 2011 745,495 EUROS
Delivery 2013 414,941 EUROS

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