Multiperspectivity and Intercultural Dialogue in Education (MIDE)

Project Summary


Through the comprehensive Multiperspectivity and Intercultural Dialogue in Education (MIDE) project, the Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) aims to address the needs of educators, practitioners and others engaged in examining the linkages between education and intercultural dialogue, multiperspectivity and co-operation.

Mutliperspectivity is an approach in understanding, which takes into account other perspectives and demonstrates a willingness to regard a situation from a different point of view. Mutliperspectivity is a valuable tool for promoting historical understanding and critical thinking and an essential precondition for all citizens that live in a multicultural society. The project looks at new methods and approaches to teaching, through a number of initiatives:

  • Research: advocating for change and nurturing a more critical understanding of the links between the perceptions of history, attitudes and behaviors towards the other community, and history education
  • Teacher Training: creating opportunities for educators to be exposed to, and equipped with the latest techniques in history teaching
  • Supplementary Education Materials: fostering multiperspectivity, historical understanding and critical thinking in social studies
  • Library & Archive: collecting and sharing resources across Cyprus on the history of Cyprus, intercommunal relations and history teaching
  • Public Awareness: promoting multiperspectivity as an essential tool for building a culture of historical understanding, cooperation and mutual respect

The MIDE project is organised in collaboration with key partners, such as civil society organisations and teacher trade unions across the island, as well as international organisations such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission, EUROCLIO, The Elders, ICTJ, Kenyon College, Ohio, USA, and the Oxford University Center for Inter-group Conflict, UK.



  • Pioneering research on history education, resulting in the creation of a ‘middle ground’ for the examination of history from different perspectives.
  • Over 400 teachers trained in multi-perspective approaches to teaching.
  • New supplementary teaching materials for Cyprus that present unity and cooperation: Thinking Historically about Missing Persons, Learning to Investigate the History of Cyprus through Artefacts, The Ottoman Period in Cyprus, Our Children Our Games, Introducing Oral History and Home for Cooperation. 
  • Working with strategic partners to develop the Cyprus Critical History Archive, focusing on intercommunal relations in Cyprus.
  • Partnerships with The Elders and the International Center for Transitional Justice to develop teaching materials on missing persons in Cyprus
  • Increased and ongoing public awareness and promotion of critical thinking islandwide, through a series of video blogs, regular radio programmes and public service announcements on TV


Donors Amount Period
USAID 1,124,900 EUROS 2009 - 2011
USAID 397,555 EUROS 2012 - 2013


Delivery 2011 1,209,916 EUROS
Delivery 2013 251,604 EUROS

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