Participatory Peacemaking

Project Summary


The Participatory Peacemaking project will create opportunities for senior political and civic leaders of the two communities in Cyprus to discuss their role in the peace negotiations. The project will bring together senior representatives of the civic and political leadership from Cyprus, Northern Ireland, South Africa and the Balkans, to share experiences of peacemaking and reconciliation.

The idea for this valuable cooperation between ENGI and UNDP-ACT grew out of a previous collaboration. In partnership with Causeway Institute, this initiative brought senior negotiators from the Northern Ireland peace process to share experiences of the Good Friday Agreement with civic and political leaders in Cyprus.

In May 2012, UNDP-ACT and ENGI supported a delegation of Cypriot civil society leaders representing both communities, to speak at a meeting of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues. This was the first time that civil society representatives of the two communities presented a cohesive case for the structural reform of the peace process that would allow the harmonious collaboration of track 1 (the leaders), track 2 (civil society) and track 3 (the wider public).

Having prepared the ground during focus group discussions with Business Leaders, Civic Leaders and Political Parties in Cyprus in June 2013, and exposed them to participatory peacebuilding models from South Africa, Northern Ireland and Bosnia, the project will convene a high level meeting in Malta in September 2013 in order to find ways to broaden the Cypriot peace process. It is hoped these efforts will assist both communities in their efforts to promote a more inclusive and consultative peace process



  • Convening of focus group discussions with Cypriot civic, political and business leaders on broadening the peace process, with top negotiators from Northern Ireland (Jeffrey Donaldson) and South Africa (Roelf Meyer) providing examples of other approaches.
  • Endorsement from key political parties, civic leaders and business leaders of the concept of a track 2 process to complement the track 1 process and secure public participation in the process.


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