Support to Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)

Project Summary

This project aims to provide diverse technical and financial support to the ongoing peace process, and in particular to confidence-building measures proposed by the Technical Committees. A new round of UN-facilitated peace talks started in March 2008 between the leaders of the two communities and continued throughout 2009 and 2010. This process is different from the previous processes in that it is Cypriot-led. The Technical Committees emerged from an agreement between the Leaders as a way to provide impetus and support to the current round of peace talks. The Technical Committees are a mechanism to implement concrete confidence-building measures and provide technical input to the peace process and wider reconciliation efforts in the two communities. The project has also supported other key confidence-building measures outside of the peace process that have been vital in increasing confidence and paving the way for increased contact between the communities. 

This project contributes to building a conducive environment for the peace process. In particular, the implementation of the confidence-building measures proposed by the Technical Committees helps build trust between the two communities while demonstrating to the public at large that the two communities can work together on critical issues that are of importance to all inhabitants of Cyprus.



  • Campaign on cooperation for the prevention of wildfires within the buffer zone (From December 01, 2012-June 30, 2013)
  • Asthma Awareness initiative by the Technical Committee on Health Matters (On 20 September 2012)
  • Launch of the Joint Communications Room (JCR) under the Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters (TCCCM) (On 29th July 2010)
  • Seminars on children at risk and on prevention of illegal drug use and abuse by the TCCCM (On 5th April 2011)
  • Campaign on Awareness Raising Measures for Water Saving by the Technical Committee on Environment (From November 2010 until June 2011)
  • World AIDS Day event, Cyprus Against AIDS by the Technical Committee on Health Matters (On 30th November 2010: Distribution of leaflets; On 1st December 2010: Conference)
  • World Diabetes Day event by the Technical Committee on Health Matters (On 18th November 2011)
  • Topography study for Arnavut Mosque in Limassol and Church of Archangelos Michael in Lefkoniko under the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (From 22nd April 2013 until July 2013)
  • Opening of the Limnitis/Yesilirmak crossing point (On 14th October 2010)
  • Fiscal Federalism Conference (On 5th February 2009)
  • Two Conferences on Property (First conference was on 20th and 21st May 2010; Second conference was on 11th and 12th July 2011 (London) and on 30th September 2011 (Nicosia))
  • SCR 1325 Conference (On 6th December 2012)
  • UNCOVERED, an art project, focused on the old Nicosia International Airport (September to October 2011)


Donors Amount Period
USAID 1,360,500 USD 2008 - 2013


Delivery 2013 1,752,836 EUROS or 2,386,519 USD

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