Youth Power

Project Overview


Youth Power, formerly known as the Cyprus Network for Youth Development, inspires and energises Cypriot youth to actively participate in efforts to support reconciliation between the two communities. More than a dozen youth organisations, with the administrative assistance of the newly formed Youth Power Secretariat lay the foundations for the formation of projects and activities that involve youth as active and concerned citizens of a future Cyprus. Throughout this project various activities such as youth exchanges, dialogue opportunities, island-wide youth committees, festivals and research are being jointly designed and implemented to further engage youth in peacebuilding.

Youth between the ages of 15 and 24 constitute one sixth of the total Cypriot population. Over the past years, many youth organisations have been involved in peacebulding activities, which have granted a large number of young Cypriots the opportunity to meet their peers from the other community, to build new friendships, and learn about each other’s views, perspectives, fears and hopes.

The new phaseof the project is reaching out to even more organisations, decision makers and youth, particularly through its Small Grants initiative. Responding to the current economic challenges, the project also offered opportunities for youth entrepreneurship to flourish among many promising but yet unemployed youth on the island. The project strategically introduced social entrepreneurship as an alternative option for creativity and productivity.

The current member organisations of the Youth Power network are: Peace Players International, Soma Akriton, Mediation Association, EUC Research Centre, HASDER, International Centre for Sport Research and Development, Environmental Studies Centre, Future Worlds Centre, ADHD Cyprus, Frederick Research Centre, University of Nicosia Research Foundation and KAYAD Community Centre.



  • A joint effort of 12 organisations working together on a common project
  • Youth are empowered and realise their potential. Youth leaders from the project are playing a leading role in peacebuilding efforts
  • A strong alternative voice from Cypriot youth is emerging through the project
  • Outreach to the wider public through printed and electronic media, including the project’s website and social networking presence
  • More than 7,000 youth have directly benefited from the project so far
  • Small Grants offered to new youth groups which provided the opportunity to implement initiatives led by youth for youth.
  • Entrepreneurship workshops provided new avenues for youth creativity



Donors Amount Period
USAID 977,500 EUROS 2009 - 2011
USAID 350,000 EUROS 2012 - 2013


Delivery 2011 980,976 EUROS
Delivery 2013 362,333 EUROS

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