Private Sector Development

What is the project about

 psd Sefler Patisserie was one of the 300 Turkish Cypriot companies assisted through the Private Sector Development. UNDP Photo/Kerim Belet, 2011.

The main objective of the project was to support the economic and social development of the northern part of Cyprus, thereby facilitating the integration of the Turkish Cypriot private sector into the European Union.

This resulted into four immediate objectives:

  • To assist Turkish Cypriot MSMEs on a pilot basis in achieving and implementing Quality, Environmental, and Social Standards;
  • To assist selected TC MSMEs in setting up facilities for the development of e-commerce platforms in tune with the objectives of the Lisbon agenda;
  • To enhance the capacity of TC agro-based SMEs to comply with the acquis, with particular reference to the phyto-sanitary and food-hygiene standards;
  • To strengthen the Turkish Cypriot private sector through targeted capacity-building programmes enhancing the awareness on the Acquis communautaire related issues and business-oriented topics relevant for their integration into the EU

A number of activities were implemented to achieve the objectives through three folded strategy including:

  • Training sessions, capacity building activities and informative seminars
  • Private business advisory services
  • Grant schemes

All the activities focused around a broad number of subjects such as: environmental standards, occupational health and safety, information and communication technology, food hygiene, food labelling and packaging, acquis communitaire, organic farming, CE marking and ISO certifications, corporate social responsibility, etc.

What have we accomplished

 farmer psd cold chainThe PSD programme supported more than 15 Turkish Cypriot farmers in adopting cold chains in their milk production. UNDP Photo/Kerim Belet, 2011.
  • 11 grant schemes launched and implemented
  • 160 capacity-building activities organized
  • 300 companies assisted through grant schemes and business support
  • 1500 procurement actions initiated
  • 6000 participants in training sessions, capacity-building activities and informative seminars

Since 2004, UNDP-PFF has successfully completed 11 grant schemes, awarding approximately 5 million euros in eight years. (click here to read more about the grant schemes) About 160 Turkish Cypriot
micro, small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from the grants. The focus of the grants included increasing competitiveness, upgrading equipment with modern technology, introducing information and communication technologies (ICT), and implementing european standards and regulations for food hygiene
and safety.

The grant schemes and capacity-building activities (seminars and workshops) targeted mainly Turkish Cypriot enterprises willing to upgrade their business operations by using more efficient technology and internationally adopted standards procedures, such as CE marking and ISO certifications, so as to increase their competitiveness and contribute to foster job-creation.

The Private Sector Development Programme helped them:

  • improve the quality of their products and production processes
  • introduce eco-friendly production methods and clean technologies;
  • improve their supply chains by adopting new methods and techniques;
  • comply with eu regulations and other international standards;
  • contribute to enhance cross-island business transactions.

Who Finances it?

Dates Funding
European Union
2004-2011 9,330,000 EUR

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