Community Development, Rehabilitation & Infrastructure (Phase 1 and 2)

What is the project about

 infrasturcture 1 and 2 projects puzzle2006 - 2014 community development and urban upgrading projects. UNDP Photos

The European Union funded “Upgrading of local and urban infrastructure Phase I and II” Project, launched in 2006 under the Special Aid Package for the Turkish Cypriot Community, was intended to support the economic and social development of the northern part of Cyprus by improving the living and environmental conditions of the residents.

The several project activities implemented, aimed to improve the quality of life and services for the residents, making the cities more attractive, preserving their cultural heritage and boosting the economy by launching local works tenders. All projects aimed to:

  • Test a pilot scheme to guide future efforts to preserve the identity of the villages while upgrading their infrastructure;
  • Sensitise residents to the importance of preserving traditional identity and appearance.
  • Support the revitalisation of the renovated spaces through pilot cultural activities
  • Promote environmental awareness and sustainable development

What have we accomplished so far

  community developmentCommunity Development in the northern part of Cyprus UNDP Photo/Kerim Belet

The project has been carried out in the main cities of Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta as well as in 11 small towns and villages in the northern part of Cyprus.

In Nicosia, UNDP-PFF continued to provide technical support to the Nicosia Master Plans for the revitalisation of the Walled City of Nicosia with focus on:

In Famagusta, within the framework of the Revitalisation Plan for the Walled City of Famagusta, a new project was launched in 2008, for the upgrading of the Desdemona promenade between the Othello Tower and Arsenal Tower. Read more >

In Kyrenia, complementing previous infrastructure projects carried out between 2004 and 2005, a new project was launched in 2008 to enhance the cultural and social value of the main commercial avenue of the city.
Read more >

In villages and rural areas, 11 villages and small towns in the northern part of Cyprus benefited from community development and urban upgrading interventions. The project aimed to revitalise the urban culture and social heritage of the villages.
In each location, one of more of the following components has been implemented:

  • Upgrading and improvement of public spaces;
  • Modernization of water sanitation and water supply systems;
  • Promotion of eco-waste collection systems;
  • Rehabilitation of old buildings and creation of new community centres for cultural activities;
  • Upgrading of traditional coffee shops;
  • Promoting protection of the environment and mutual appreciation of cultures

These projects had a great spill over effect for the involvement of local women and youth in the economic life of the villages. Read more >

Revitalising renovated spaces through Cultural Activities
To further expand the revitalisation efforts undertaken in the different locations where infrastructure projects were implemented, in 2013 UNDP-PFF launched a Call for Proposals for cultural activities in towns and villages where infrastructure projects were previously implemented.
The call aimed to support the residents and local communities of the renovated areas in hosting and promoting innovative cultural programmes linked to Cypriot cultural traditions and promoting social inclusion and community participation. 17 projects were selected and 178 workshops/events implemented between March and November 2013. More than 5400 people took part in the activities, of which more than 900 women. The projects contrubuted to:

  • Enhance the on-going revitalisation and rehabilitation process of the selected locations;
  • Unlock the social potential of the renovated areas/buildings so that they are better managed and utilised by the local communities;
  • Build capacities and promote networking and exchange of experiences between cultural actors active in different communities and the local communities themselves;
  • Empowering elder people, women and youth.
    Read more >

Promoting environmental awareness in Karpasia/Karpaz
Based on the successful results of the first call for proposal, in 2013 UNDP-PFF launched a new call for the Karpasia/Karpaz region. Karpasia/Karpaz is a region at the easternmost tip of the island where UNDP-PFF has never worked before but where a need was identified by the European Union for environmental awareness and community development intervention. UNDP-PFF is currently working in partnership with 11 local civil society organisation to support the preservation and promotion of the region’s cultural and natural heritage. All activities will end in June 2014. Read more>

Who finances it?

Project Phase Dates Funding
European Union
Upgrading of local and urban infrastructure. Part I 2004-2006 8,308,025 EUR
European Union
Upgrading of local and urban infrastructure. Part  II 2006-2014 9,845,377 EUR
European Union total contribution   2004-2014 18,153,402 EUR

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