Green is Beautiful! Small grants for Karpasia/Karpaz

What is the project about

Karpasia/Karpaz donkeys sketchKarpasia/Karpaz sketch by Mike Seroff for UNDP

The Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula is a long, finger-like peninsula that is particularly known for its unspoilt landscape and wild environment. These outstanding natural and historical resouces are so far largly untapped in economic terms. Wrong development policies could generate the degradation of the rich resources of this area.

In this context, the European Union and UNDP-PFF took the initiative to support a Call for Proposals and work together with civil society organisations for a greener and sustainable development of the Karpasia/Karpaz region.

Under the slogan "Green in Beautiful" , through UNDP, the European Union funded 11 small grants of up to 15,000 EUR each for a total of approximately 165,000 Euros. All projects started between October and November 2013 and will be completed by end of June 2014. Activities will range from environmental educational activities for primary school children, carob cookery workshops, handicrafts workshops,the setting up of a bicycle rental points and desinging of new walking trails, as well as different environmental related trainings and workshops.

What have we accomplished so far

Association Sustainable Development CYPRUSGölge Tiyatrosu (Shadow Theater) Nature-Characters created by Karpasia/Karpaz students participating in the Association for Sustainable Development (ASD) trainings on environmental awareness and protection. UNDP Photo

Association of Sustainable Development is promoting environmental protection in the region by using “shadow theatre” as a tool. This project has been designed to train youngsters living in the region in shadow theatre, nature protection, communications, and small business management as a means to promote environmental awareness amongst general population. It is hoped that these new  artistic and managerial skills will allow local youth to find new jobs and increase the cultural offer of the region.


Biologist Association logo New plants' name tags along the Koma tou Gialou/Kumyalı trail. UNDP Photo

Biologist Association has been working together with the local community of Koma tou Gialou/Kumyali to protect and promote the natural and cultural resources of the region. The project included an upgrading of the walking trail that goes from the centre of the village to the lagoon by adding new nametags for endemic and endengered plants. A brand new publication promotes and encourages a sustainable use and enjoyment of the territorial resources (environmental, cultural, natural and gastronomic).


cancer patients logoMore than 70 women are attending the Cancer Patients' handicrafts workshops in Karpasia/Karpaz. UNDP Photo.

Cancer Patients Help Association - This project aims at providing traditional Cypriot handicrafts and embroideries training to women living in the region. The final goal of the training is to produce a set of hand-crafted souvenirs that reflect the Karpasia/Karpaz natural and cultural resources hence contributing to the promotion of the region. Cancer patients from the region, as well as from other cities in the northern part of Cyprus, will participate in the workshops with the aim of providing an example of social integration for persons affected by cancer, and create new space for sharing of experiences and cancer prevention through handicraft. An oncologist working for the association will use the opportunity provided by the courses to provide information to participants about the importance of a healthy life style in cancer prevention and the relation between cancer and environmental practices. 8 display cabinets manufactured by local carpenters will be purchased to make local women’s products available on a larger scale locally and promote the selling of local Karpasia/Karpaz branded products.

CEE LOGOAbout 50 families in the region have already started producing their own compost! UNDP Photo

Chamber of Environmental Engineers - Under the guidance of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Environmental Engineers 70 familes from different villages in Karpasia/Karpaz have already started home-composting after receving their first training in March. The project aims at promoting composting as a natural way of recycling organic materials. The Chamber is now working to train trainers so that the home-composting experience can continue and new local families will be able to learn and start their own home composting after the project will be completed.

casa logoCamping at the footstep of Nature workshop - UNDP Photo

Cyprus Alternative Sports Association - The project aimed at introducing Scouting in the region as an alternative way to bring youth closer to the environment and environmental protection issues. The project was carried out in two phases: Phase 1 - whereby 18 volunteers amongst local villagers and non-local NGO’s members were trained on how to teach basic aspects of scouting and respect to environmental appreciation and protection. Phase 2 – Applied scouting classes and camping activities targeting youth aged 13-17. Tents and other scouting equipment for future activities were purchased thanks to EU funds within this project and will be used to continue scouting activities in the region.

 Carrob cookery workshop - Photo: Eren Aytug / Narphotos

Cyprus Association of Managers - The project aimed to showcase the many economic and cultural possibilities offered by the carob trees growing in the region. Through cookery and marketing/packaging workshops the local community of Rizokarpaso/Dipkarpaz has learned how to develop locally branded carob products (such as Carob drinks, Carob buiscuits, and Carob energy bars etc.) that will soon be marketed as products of Karpasia/Karpaz. It is hoped that this will contribute to preserve traditional Cypriot carrob recipes, create a source of income for the local women, while raising awareness on the endengered carrob trees of Karpasia/Karpaz.

green pedal logo

Rizokarpaso/Dipkarpaz Sport Club – The aim of this project is to set up a bicycle rental point. Trainings will be delivered to young members of the sport club as well as to unemployed youth in the region on different topics such as environmental protection, communication and business management. 10 Mountain bikes will be purchased; 1 Bicycle Rental Point will be set up in the village; At least 2 unemployed young persons from the villages will be employed by the Rental Point; and at least 50 sports club members are trained on environment, communications and business management and aware of environmental protection needs of the region.

kemaEnvironmental education field trip with Mother Nature as teacher!UNDP Photo

KEMA - Since September KEMA has been working with approximately 100 primary school children from 4th and 5th grades to teach them environmental education in fun and unconventional ways. 20 activities and field trips into nature have been organized for groups of 10 children each to raise children’s experience of Karpasia/Karpaz’s natural, cultural and historical assets. In thsi way, children from the region and their families will got to know the tangible and intangible cultural assets of their region; gained environmental awareness, and became more sensitive towards the changes and developments around them.

magemBeach Cleanup in Rizokarpaso/Dipkarpaz. MAGEM Photo.

MAGEM carried out a series of environmental awareness educational activities targeting children aged 6-11. The activities included: Bird Watching and Photography trip during which children learned about biological diversity of the region and birds’ migration. Cycling in the Nature and Creative Drama; Bird’s Nest Tree Making and Cultural Handicrafts Workshop; Beach Cleaning and Kite Fair.

MC logoKnit-Art trainings with the women of CATOM in Rizokarpazo/Dipkarpaz

Management Centre of the Mediterranean - The Managment Centre of the Mediterranean in partnership with a local women’s group, “Çatom Kadınları” organized knit-art workshops and innovative marketing techniques trainings targeting 12 women from the village and surroundings, with the aim of building foundation for the development of a women’s knit-art cooperative in the village and subsequently promote economic independence and generate new income.

mountaneering sport associationInauguration of one of four new walking trails in Karpasia/Karpaz. UNDP Photo.

Mountaineering Sports Associations - A new walking trail package for the region promoting its biodiversity and cultural richness has been developed throught this project. It includes 4 walking trails of approx. 10 to 17km each, which cover one of the most beautiful and hidden spots of the region. The aim was to increase the open-air activities offer of the region and at the same time promote a more sustainable and respectful approach to nature. 20,000 trail maps will be printed in Turkish, English and Greek and disseminated as part of the project.

Who finances it?


The Call for Proposals is funded by the European Union. Each selected project received a grant of up to 15,000 EUR for a total of 180,000 EUR.


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