Cypriot communities piecing together their shared heritage

A cardboard model of the ancient walled city of Nicosia sits on a table at the Home For Cooperation. It was crafted by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot children. A symbolic result of a summer family…  

A new generation of Cypriots uncovers the missing

Healing the wounds of a divided island.  

Athina and Ilkay: two women, one common heritage

Athina Papadopoulou and İlkay Feridun are two conservation architects from Cyprus..  

Ravelin/Landgate: cultural heritage brings a message of peace.

Hundreds of Greek Cyopriots and Turkish Cypriots came together on 19 June 2018 to celebrate completion of conservation works to the Ravelin/Land Gate in Famagusta.  

Working together to protect our heritage

Ali Tuncay and Glafkos Constantinides are two of ten (5 Greek Cypriot and 5 Turkish Cypriot) custodians of cultural heritage in Cyprus. Appointed by their respective leaders in 2008 to be members of…  

Working on shared heritage brings Cypriots across borders together

Conservation projects across the island, led by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, with EU and UNDP support, are not only re-establishing community links between villages and their former…  

Walking the Karpasia/Karpaz region

Within the EU funded and UNDP supported call for the proposals for small grants in the Karpasia/Karpaz region, experienced trail builders from the Mountaineering Sports Association have selected four…  

Karpasia/Karpaz Women's Knit-Art project brings 4 communities together

"With my first products I gained 26 TL (8 euro)” tells Elif laughing,"but I felt so proud of myself. It wasn’t about the money, it was that I did it myself. The EU funded and UNDP supported Knit-Art…  

When Traditions Meets Innovation

A project born to empower women though handicrafts helped revitalizing the Bandabuliya (Old Market) of Famagusta and turn it into a women's centre  

Turkish Cypriots go organic!

As demand for organic products rises all over Europe and consumers are increasingly conscientious about the origins of their food, the northern part of Cyprus has slowly embarked on its own organic…  

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