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UNDP works in Cyprus to support the ongoing peace and confidence buidling process.
Together with the European Union and other donors, UNDP in Cyprus works in support of different bi-communal Technical Committees in the implementation of their confidence building measures. Our main partners are: the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus and the Technical Committee on Crossings.

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This newsletter reflects the efforts of the European Union, European Commission in Cyprus and UNDP to support the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in its efforts to promote heritage conservation as a confidence building measure contributing to peace and reconciliation. [Past Issue]

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Secretary-General Report on the United Nations operation in Cyprus

The present report on the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) covers developments from 21 June to 15 December 2013 and brings up to date, since the issuance of my report (S/2013/392) dated 5 July 2013, the record of activities carried out by UNFICYP pursuant to Security Council resolution 186 (1964) and subsequent Council resolutions, most recently resolution 2114 (2013).

SG report S/2013/781 - December 2013 (New)